• The Right Way to Care for Your Dental Crowns
    Dental crowns are an investment in the future of your oral health, and protecting that investment is important. Dr. Marc Page and Dr. Lawrence Page, your dentist in Providence, Rhode Read more
  • Let Dental Crowns Improve Your Smile
    Dental crowns can improve your smile by strengthening and restoring damaged teeth. The appearance of teeth with stains or cosmetic concerns can also be improved with dental crowns. At Page Read more
  • Discover The Benefits of Dental Crowns
    How dental crowns from your dentists in Providence can save your smile Does your smile need saving? Do you have a smile full of old, crumbly metal fillings or broken teeth? Read more
  • Dental Crowns Restore Your Damaged Teeth
    If you have one or more missing or badly damaged teeth, you may think that your beautiful smile is gone for good. Thankfully, nothing could be further than the truth! Read more
  • When is it Time to Get Dental Crowns?
    Patients in the Providence area should know the facts about when a dental crown is needed. Dr. Marc Page’s Office offers porcelain-like dental crowns to their patients. Metal-free crowns are Read more

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