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September 19, 2016
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Don’t want to ditch your morning coffee but want to ditch those yellowing stains? Find out how teeth whitening can help.

When you hit the snooze button several times in the morning the only thing that may actually get you up out of bed is that morning cup of teeth whiteningcoffee. There is something about the first cup of coffee that breathes life back into your tired brain and body. If this sounds like you then you probably won’t be throwing out the coffee anytime soon, but if you want to whiten your coffee-stained smile find out how our Providence, RI dentists, Dr. Marc Page and Dr. Lawrence Page, can help.

What our Providence General Dentists can do

If you want to maintain a healthy beautiful smile despite the fact that you may have a passion for coffee drinking, you should certainly be scheduling regular dental cleanings with us to make sure that your teeth look and feel their best. A professional cleaning is better equipped to safely abrade and polish the surface of your teeth to remove stains caused by coffee. If you don’t keep up with these appointment as you should then it’s time you called us.

Besides these routine cleanings you can also talk to us about how to brighten your smile more significantly with professional teeth whitening. Our high-quality bleaching agent is the only ones one the market that is strong enough to give you noticeably whiter teeth in just one session. In fact, we can easily remove coffee stains during your whitening treatment. Some smiles can even turn several shades lighter in just one visit.

At-Home Maintenance

Once you getting the results you’ve been looking for with teeth whitening the next step is to maintain those results for as long as possible. While results can last for several months and even up to a year or more, a lot depends on how well you care for your smile.

Talk to us about which whitening toothpastes we may recommend, as well as whether you might benefit from our at-home whitening system. While it won’t give you the same fast, effective results as our in-office whitening, it can be a great option for maintaining your results from the comfort of your own home.

While we certainly won’t tell you to get rid of coffee altogether we do recommend cutting back to keep your professionally whitened smile brighter for much longer. Get the radiant smile you’ve always wanted by turning to our Providence, RI dental office for whitening. Call Page Family Dentistry today!

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