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March 07, 2016
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The truth about root canals

Have you been told you need a root canal and now you’re scared about your treatment and what might happen? Well, don’t worry, root canals are nothing to fear, thanks to modern dental techniques and materials. Your treatment will be comfortable and quick, thanks to Root Canalthe skills of your dentists at Page Family Dentistry in Providence, Rhode Island. They are your family dentists and root canal experts in the neighborhood

Root canals, also called endodontic procedures were first begun in the late 1600’s but the technique has certainly changed since then! Before root canals became a common procedure, the only way to relieve pain was to extract the tooth. Now, thanks to the endodontic skills of your dentists at Page Family Dentistry, they are a modern, state-of-the-art dental treatment to remove pain but still keep your tooth.

Relief of dental pain doesn’t always require a root canal. When you need a root canal, it is usually because of deep dental decay, dental infection or trauma. Sometimes you may not even feel pain, but still need a root canal to prevent bone loss from an abscessed tooth. Your dentists at Page Family Dentistry will need to perform some tests and take x-rays to determine for sure if you need a root canal.

A root canal typically takes two to three visits. During your first visit, your dentists at Page Family Dentistry will open your tooth and remove the diseased tissue. They will put a sedative material in your tooth to help reduce the inflammation and close the opening with a temporary filling material.

When your tooth has calmed down and is no longer painful, your dentists will further clean and shape the inside of your tooth and fill it with an inert rubbery material called gutta-percha. They will close up the opening again, this time with a permanent metal filling.

When your root canal is complete, it’s time to think about a permanent restorative solution. Your dentists at Page Family Dentistry will discuss your various treatment options, but the best treatment is often a crown. It is better to fully cover a tooth because endodontically treated teeth are more fragile and susceptible to fracture.

When you need a root canal, don’t go see just anyone. You deserve the best. Stop in and see your dentists at Page Family Dentistry in Providence, Rhode Island. They will provide a comfortable experience before, during and after your root canal treatment. You have nothing to fear so call today!

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