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July 08, 2015
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Root CanalsA root canal is a very common dental procedure that drives infection away from a tooth and gives it a chance to regain its full health. How common? It’s estimated that 41,000 root canals are performed every day in the United States. If you have a problem tooth, you can have this dental treatment performed at the office of Dr. Marc Page, a family dentist in Providence RI.

How Tooth Infections Progress
A tooth infection can be an insidious thing because it often starts off as a tiny hole in the tooth that isn’t visible to the naked eye. Over time, the hole grows and allows bad bacteria to invade the inner parts of the tooth. As this process continues, an infection can develop that damages the pulp of the tooth, and it’s at this stage that a root canal becomes necessary.

The Root Canal Treatment
A root canal is a dental therapy that cleans and strengthens an infected tooth. Your Providence family dentist removes the bad bacteria-ridden pulp from the inside of the tooth, disinfects the area thoroughly, and then fills the tooth with a material called gutta-percha. After that, the top is filled or crowned—the tooth has a chance to heal and stay rooted for many years to come. Without a root canal treatment, the infection will likely progress until the tooth has to be extracted.

How Successful Are Root Canals?
The American Association of Endodontists say that the vast majority of root canals are successful—about 89 percent of patients say that they are happy with the results of a root canal treatment. The purpose of a root canal is to avoid extraction. It’s always preferable for the patient to keep his or her natural teeth whenever possible.

Schedule a Consultation
The earlier you get treatment for an infected tooth the better for your overall dental health. A root canal is an effective solution offered by family dentist Dr. Marc Page. Call (401) 421-9350 to set up a day and time to have your infected tooth evaluated at his Providence, RI office. 

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