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May 04, 2015
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Dental CrownsIf you have one or more missing or badly damaged teeth, you may think that your beautiful smile is gone for good. Thankfully, nothing could be further than the truth! Visiting your family dentist at Page Family Dentistry in Providence is one great way to restore your damaged teeth for a beautiful smile you can be proud to show off. Read on to find out more about how dental crowns can help you.

Dental Crowns Replace Missing and Badly Damaged Teeth: Don't settle for an incomplete smile. When paired with dental implants, dental crowns can be used to replace missing or badly damaged teeth. They are so realistic and natural looking that everyone will forget that your teeth aren't yours - even you!

Dental Crowns Stabilize a Cracked or Broken Tooth: A cracked or broken tooth doesn't have to be a cause for a alarm. Dental crowns can be used to stabilize the tooth to prevent further damage and keep you from losing your tooth.

Dental Crowns Fix Large Cavities: When you have a cavity large enough that a filling can't fill it, a dental crown offers a great solution. Dental crowns fix cavities to return your functional chewing surface and preserve your teeth.

Dental Crowns Protect Worn Teeth: Did you know that you don't even have to wait until your teeth are badly damaged to see the benefits of a dental crown? If your teeth are badly worn, you can prevent further damage by visiting your family dentist at Page Family Dentistry in Providence to get dental crowns placed before the damage becomes extensive.

Dental Crowns Mask Tooth Discoloration: While teeth whitening can be very effective on some types of stains, it doesn't work on all of them. When this happens, dental crowns can be used to cover up any discoloration, leaving you with beautiful, pearly white teeth once again.

Your teeth say a lot about you; make sure the message they send is a positive one. Visit your family dentist at Page Family Dentistry in Providence for dental crowns and start enjoying your beautiful, picture-perfect smile once again.

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