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March 11, 2015
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Separate fact from fiction when it comes to getting teeth whitening in Providence.

There are a lot of myths that surround this dental treatment; however, it’s important to know the truth when it comes to your oral health. That’s why your Providence family dentist is here to dispel some of the most common myths surrounding professional in-office teeth whitening.

Myth #1: Teeth whitening damages tooth enamel.

Fact: Since strong bleaching gels are used, which contain hydrogen peroxide and other whitening chemicals, it seems natural to be a bit concerned about how safe it is for your smile; however, you have nothing to worry about. Your Providence family dentist is here to assure you that whitening treatment will not harm your tooth enamel. When this treatment is performed correctly, under professional supervision, there is no chance of damaging your beautiful smile.

Myth #2: Teeth whitening causes tooth sensitivity.

Fact: This myth often causes people to decide against teeth whitening; however, you need to know more about this treatment before you make a final decision. While around half of people may experience some form of teeth sensitivity for a day or two after using at-home whitening treatments, opting for in-office whitening means that your Providence family dentist knows exactly what to do to reduce irritation.

First off, we use a separator to keep the whitening gel away from your gums to avoid irritation. This is something you may not be able to do when you whiten at home. Furthermore, we can tailor and adjust your whitening treatment to cater to those with more teeth sensitivity. If you notice any kind of discomfort during your treatment when can still whiten your smile but use a less aggressive bleaching gel.

Myth #3: All teeth whitening systems are the same.

Fact: There are some many different kinds of whitening systems on the market that you may just feel like they all offer the same kinds of results; furthermore, since in-office whitening treatments can be a little more expensive than other options you may be hesitant. However, the reason in-office whitening is more of an investment is that you get instant results after one session and your results last longer. Plus, our whitening system not only removes surface stains but also changes the shade of your teeth to give you a brighter smile.

Myth #4: Teeth whitening results are permanent.

Fact: While we would love for teeth whitening to be a permanent solution to stains, unfortunately you’ll need to keep up with your smile to maintain your results. If you maintain good oral hygiene and avoid stain-producing foods then you can enjoy results for up to two years. Furthermore, you can opt for at-home whitening or future in-office whitening treatments to maintain longer results.

If you are interested in getting teeth whitening, contact your Providence family dentist at Page Family Dentistry today!

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