Create a Brighter Smile With Teeth Whitening

Are you feeling underwhelmed with your smile? Do you feel that it could be a lot more radiant and less dull? You’re certainly not alone. Here at Page Family Dentistry, Dr. Marc Page and Dr. Lawrence Page, can help you make your smile brighter in our Providence, RI, office with professional teeth whitening.

But first, you need to understand why our teeth become discolored and how teeth whitening can help get rid of the discoloration.

Understanding Why Teeth Become Stained

Our teeth could lose their shine and whiteness due to drinks and food that stain as well as bad habits like smoking and poor oral hygiene. When left to fester, these stains will become more difficult to remove and will require teeth whitening. Likewise, yellow teeth develop below the surface because under the enamel is another layer called dentin and this layer is naturally yellowish.

When your teeth enamel, the outer surface, starts wearing down due to aging, teeth grinding, and normal wear and tear, the dentin starts to peek through, making your teeth look yellower than they are. Genes likewise play a crucial role in the shade of the dentin and the enamel’s thickness or thinness.

How Teeth Whitening Works to Make Your Smile Brighter

The teeth whitening process is fairly simple. The products used for whitening or lightening teeth contain different concentrations of bleach. They can also contain different bleach types, such as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. The bleach works by breaking up the stain bonds attached to your teeth and making them smaller to the point that the color becomes lighter.

In turn, your teeth will appear more radiant and whiter. Here in our Providence, RI, office, you can choose from in-office teeth whitening or dentist-supervised at-home whitening depending on your specific preferences and circumstances. Unfortunately, teeth whitening cannot correct all kinds of stains or discoloration.

For example, very yellow, gray, and brown teeth don’t bleach that well. Teeth whitening won’t also work on dental crowns and fillings. Additionally, whitening won’t work to banish discoloration due to medications or trauma to the teeth. In these cases, your dentist may recommend dental bonding or veneers to cover the stains instead. Work with your dentist to find out the most suitable teeth whitening option for you.

For More Information or Advice on Teeth Whitening, Call Us!

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